HSTouch for Android® Devices
  Use this procedure for configuring your Android device to control your home.  
  Step 1 - Install one of these HomeSeer home automation systems. For testing purposes, HS2 and HSPRO software may be downloaded and trialed for 30 days.  
  Step 2 - Download and install HomeSeer HSTouch server plug-in and Android plug-in from within the HS2 or HSPRO application.  
  Step 3 - Open your Android device and search the Market for "HSTouch". Install the HSTouch app.  
  Step 4 - Open your Android device, run HSTouch and access the settings pages to enter your HomeSeer system server address. You may enter up to three different server addresses.  
  Step 5 - Run the HSTouch Andrid app. On startup, the app will ask which server connection you wish to use; select one. Once connected, one of the main menu screens will appear (below).  
  Step 6 - The HSTouch designer may be used to fully customize your interface. To learn more about the designer, watch the tutorial video.  
HSTouch - Android is compatible with any device running Android v2.1 or later!
Click to see the HSTouch Android client in action!
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